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We spend £1 billion a year on cleaning products – save money with household alternatives

Brits spend around £1 billion every year on cleaning products.  You can save yourself lots of money by ditching the expensive brand name cleaners and using stuff from round the house instead.

Here are 2 must have items:

1.  Baking soda
This versatile product can clean your floor, oven, bathroom, kitchen, sinks, taps.  It removes stains, cuts through grease, and when mixed into a paste it becomes a mild abrasive, perfect for removing limescale.

2.  White vinegar
Just like bi-carbonate of soda, vinegar has myriad of uses.  Clean your windows, counter tops, crockery, microwave, fridge and more.

For maximum cleaning power – use a combination of both.  The solution will even unblock your drains.

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