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How mould affects your health

Mould is a fungus which grows in damp conditions.  When spores become airborne and enter the body through the airways, they can cause allergic reactions, infection, and in extreme cases death.

Signs that mould could be affecting your health include: coughing, sore throat, asthma, tiredness, eye or skin irritations, headaches, and nausea.  If you find signs of it in your home, it’s important to get rid of it.  Clean small areas of mould using hot soapy water, wear gloves and a dust mask.

If you have large areas of mould in your home, or patches that keep coming back, you need to find out what’s causing the problem.  Minimising moisture levels is the key to preventing growth; keep your home dry and well-ventilated.  If mould persists, you may wish seek professional advice to deal with damp or condensation problems.

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