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Cleaning Graffiti in London

In 2002 the city spent £100 million on graffiti removal.  This type of vandalism makes areas look rundown, reducing property values, and can contain offensive or racist messages.

Penalties range from an £80 spot fine to up to £5000 or imprisonment.  Last month a 32 year old man was jailed for a 7 year graffiti spree causing £250,000 worth of damage to trains, stations and bridges across the city.  The Country was outraged earlier in the year by Islamic extremists who defaced war memorials in Central London.

If graffiti is becoming a problem in your area, many Boroughs have efficient online reporting and fast response teams.  If the vandalism is hateful or abusive, some guarantee to remove it within 24 hours.  Bexley even offer free removal from private properties if the graffiti is visible from public spaces.

Check with your local council and find out what services are on offer.

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