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3 Steps to hallway heaven

The first room we see when we walk into a home is the hallway, making it one of the most important rooms in the house.  We all know that first impressions count.  It takes one tenth of a second to decide how you they feel about a space, whether it’s clean, homely, lived-in, messy, chaotic.  Yet the hallway is often overlooked because we don’t actually spend any time in it.

1. Give everything a place
Buy extra coat hooks, a chest of drawers, an umbrella holder – anything it takes to keep it tidy.

2. Keep it clean
Don’t neglect your hall – clean regularly, and keep air freshener in the room for a welcoming smell.

3. Invest in a feature piece
Depending on space this could be a coat-stand, mirror, or wall art – something that create a great first impression.

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