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Litter Fines for a Cleaner London

Hounslow Council and Highways are clamping down on litter bugs.  In November last year, they announced the police would be on patrol issuing on-spot fines of up to £80 to anyone caught dropping litter.  Since then they’ve handed out 17, with 7 offenders having to pay the maximum fine amount. Campaigning for a cleaner London,….

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Cleaners on the 2014 Honours List

We were delighted to see two of Downing Street’s cleaners on the honours list this year.   Madeleine Josephine Hennell and Henrietta Shorter both received British Empire Medals (BEMs).  During their time at number 10, they’ve cleaned the offices of 5 different Prime Ministers including Margaret Thatcher. Three quarters of people on the 2014 list have….

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London Cleaners to Strike at the BAFTAs

News broke earlier in the month that London cleaners working at the Royal Opera House earn just £7 per hour and are banned from taking tea-breaks.  Backed by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, they’ve announced strike action.  This will take place from 10pm on Sunday 16th February, until 6am on Monday 17th February….

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Robot cleaners: fact or fiction?

How would you like hundreds of mini flying robots to clean your home, while you sat back and watch the television?  That’s exactly what Electrolux Design Lab’s award winning Mab can do for you.  Mab, designed by industrial design student Adrian Perez Zapata, consists of a core unit and 908 tiny robots with microscopic wings….

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Cleaning is Not-Exercise

Do you treat household chores as an opportunity for a workout?  If so, your efforts may be in vain.  A new study suggests that cleaning is not intense enough to count as exercise. The research was carried out by BMC Public Health, who collected data from 4563 adults in in Northern Ireland.  In an interview,….

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