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One Off / Spring Cleaning London

We offer the professional one off & spring cleaning services in London. Our team at The London Cleaners prides itself for having the best spring cleaners in London. We make sure to get rid of dirt and fix the mess in a deep one-off clean so you come home to a space that looks, smells, and feels cleaner than ever.

As a London cleaning company one of our main objectives is to provide thorough cleaning services that improves health and wellness. What sets The London Cleaners apart from competition is our high level of expertise in residential cleaning and the top-notch products that we use to get the job done!

Our brand of cleaning service is undoubtedly a unique and effective means of cleaning your home to make it a cleaner and healthier place to live in. We employ professional, reliable, and courteous home cleaning experts, eco-friendly products, advanced cleaning equipment, and comprehensive cleaning practices that deliver inexpensive and yet excellent cleaning service that our competition can only dream to provide.

Spring Cleaning London

Our unmatched home spring cleaning services ensure that your home is cleaned and sanitized; every surface, flooring, walls, and ceilings are cleaned and dusted in the best ways possible. Every room in your home will receive great attention and will be looking like new every time, on every visit.

We not only transform your home into a clean abode, but we make sure that it smells and feels clean, too! Our very own cleaning methodology includes process that effectively eradicate allergens, pollutants, and other external variables that make the home a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms. Our cleaning techniques go beyond dusting, mopping, and sweeping floors. Our cleaning professionals will transform your home into a healthy, germ-free sanctuary!

Deep Cleaning with The London Cleaners

One of our goals as a professional cleaning service provide is to turn the homes of customers into peaceful, cleaning, and healthy living spaces. We don’t just remove dirt. There is so much more to cleaning that dirt and dust removal. Unlike our competition, we employ innovative and effective cleaning strategies so your home is spotless clean every time we are finished cleaning it.

Cleaning not only involves a feather duster, a broom, and a mop. It is an activity that involves the use of powerful but environmentally friendly cleaning products that induces deep cleaning. Our great attention to detail is something that you will love and keep coming back to!

One Off Cleaning in London

Homeowners love us due to the great attention to detail we apply in every one-off clean. Even one-off customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of our work that they find themselves calling us again each time they need spring cleaning in their homes and even workspaces!

Spring is a busy time of the year. The weather is finally getting better as evidenced by flowers blooming, birds chirping, and an insane amount of pollens in the air! These are just some of the signs of spring months. Allergies is commonplace during spring as allergens and pollutants become more active and rampant in the air we breath.

Springtime is also the time for cleaning! It has been a tradition for us to start anew at this wonderful time of year, and with this symbolic fresh beginning, we throw out things that we don’t use anymore. We sort through the things that we still want to keep and throw out clothes, appliances, furniture, and trinkets that only leave our homes messy.

Our one-off cleaning service is not only a limited offer during spring. You can obtain our deep cleaning services as a recurring service or as a one off cleaning package. Your home will need a thorough scrubbing a few times a year. Take care of your home as often as you can. Getting professionals do the cleaning for your home is a worthwhile investment. Home maintenance is a good form of investment if you want to keep the high value of your abode.

With our one off cleaning and spring cleaning services, we will get rid of all lingering dust and stubborn grime in your home once and for all.

Our deep cleaning service experts will get down and dirty to make your sanctuary squeaky clean. Our one off cleaning and spring cleaning services will include the following activities:

  • Dusting of all surfaces
  • Spot cleaning of fixtures such as door handles, windows, stair case, and flooring
  • Cleaning of fans and air conditioning systems
  • Carpet cleaning and vacuuming
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard floors
  • Organising and cleaning of drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and other storage spaces
  • Cleaning of ceiling and walls, removal of stains and cobwebs
  • Cleaning and dusting of vertical blinds and other window treatments
  • Cleaning of taps, drains, and faucets
  • Cleaning and decontamination of garbage containers
  • Deep clean of toilet, showers, tub, and other bathroom fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitation of kitchen tools and appliances including cleaning stove-top, and range hood oven inside and out.

Our reliable professional cleaning experts will arrive at your home, reassess the condition of your home, and discuss a customised cleaning plan based on your preferences and budget.

The London Cleaners go deeper! We understand the hassle and problems that come with a messy and unclean home. Our knowledge and awareness in the field of professional residential cleaning will fulfill your dreams of having a clean and healthy place to stay all year round.

Our spring cleaning service starts at a flat-fee of just £48 per visit. This is an excellent deal that you shouldn’t miss!

Call us now at 020 8903 7067 to schedule for your home’s Spring Clean. Provide us with your requirements and set a time that suits your busy schedule. We guarantee you excellent cleaning quality and reliable service like no other!

Get your quote, or call 020 8903 7067 to book.

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